Founded in 1985, QUIADSA is a 100% Spanish capital company that produces and distributes a wide range of chemical products for the industrial, domestic and professional markets: adhesives, sealants, hot melts, polyurethane foams.
We are present in both the industrial, consumer and construction markets.
Our goal is to offer the best solution for each utility to all types of clients, for which we have transferred the experience acquired in the industrial sector to domestic and professional use.
The improvement in the production lines, the technical development and the research work carried out by a highly qualified human team allows us a constant innovation to offer our customers the best solutions in formulations, applications and packaging.
As an added value, we offer personalized attention to each client in order to offer, in addition to standard products, the possibility of developing special products according to the needs and specifications of customers, including the possibility of packaging private brands.


At QUIADSA, our priority objective is to offer the highest quality in our products and a service that fully satisfies our customers while minimizing the environmental impact that results from our activity.


Our Commitment to Quality is present in all our processes and organizational levels: From the formulation in our R & D department, as in manufacturing processes, quality control and marketing of our adhesives and sealants. The specialization of our products is a key factor to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our customers and the continuous improvement of our organization.


Our Commitment to Quality is reflected in the implementation of a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 certified by AENOR.


Our Commitment to the Environment is demonstrated by integrating, within all levels of the organization, a solid and demanding environmental management policy that has been recognized with the ISO 14001 certification by AENOR.


This shows that QUIADSA is able to minimize the impact of its activities, products and services on the environment, responding to environmental legislation increasingly demanding and responding to the growing concern of society for environmentally friendly products. ambient.



One of our biggest challenges is to respond to the growing evolution of the demand of our customers, providing ideas and new solutions. A technical and research development that allows us to manufacture both standard products and special products, according to the specifications of our customers. A wide range of products, whose objective is to cover all the needs both in use for DIY and in industrial use.

Sealants and foams

All types of sealants, from traditional Silicones to new technologies such as MS and Hybrid Polymers.

Mounting and anchoring adhesives

We need an immediate fixation of all kinds of materials; high-grip thixotropic adhesives.


To achieve resistant joints between all types of substrates; White glues, Contact, Polyurethane, PVC, Hot melt, Cyanoacrylate …


Find the ideal product as a complement to our range of products; from applicator guns to cleaning products.

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