At QUIADSA We are always committed to offer the most effective solutions in all types of adhesives, sealants, foams and other accessories, adapting to the constant evolution of the market. Therefore, we like to test the new products outside our laboratories, in a real environment that allows us to carry out a study of their effectiveness.

The case that we bring you today is our waterproofing MS liquid Brik-Cen R-38, with manufacturing No. 15040120. After making the first manufacture of the product, we made an application on concrete, which we placed horizontally on the outside of our facilities in the Meco population, in the community of Madrid.

Our ' Test tube ' (the application on concrete that we have left on the outside), is outdoors, so it suffers the 24 hours of the day the climatic conditions of the exterior. The exact location is in the autonomous community of Madrid, Spain, 40.55 ° N 3.33 ° or 664m A.S.L.

During the three years that the experiment lasts, our test tube suffers so much rain,-every month there have been recorded rainy days in the location,-as the high and low temperatures of the place, with registered maxims of up to more than 35 º C and minimums below zero.

QUIADSA Adhesives

The experiment was subjected to all kinds of climatological conditions.

During the test there was practically no snowfall, but there were numerous frosts, which were recorded during the months of January, March, April and even may, and also during October, November and December, so our test tube underwent constant changes of Temperature and was exposed to practically all kinds of weather conditions.

On January 3, 2018 it was three years since we placed the test tube on the outside of our facilities. And the result could not be more favorable; The sample was in perfect condition, maintaining its characteristics and without suffering any degradation.

We only observe dust spots, because it has been for a long time abroad. Remember that the test was made with the first batch of manufacturing our waterproofing MS liquid Brik-Cen R-38, so it has certainly been a great success.

Waterproofing MS Liquid Brik-Cen R-38

After the test, this is the state of the MS liquid Brik-Cen R-38.